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Solids Of Constant Width - Hexagon- Set of 3

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Set of three Cones of constant width. This model is based on a Hexagon.

CNC machined in Canada out of brass or aluminum bar stock.
Approximately 1" in diameter.

These are non-spherical solids that amazingly have constant width in every direction—allowing them to roll smoothly. They are derived from two-dimensional curves that were put into use by the 19th-century German engineer Franz Reuleaux.

Customer Reviews

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Bystrik Veum
bought two sets from this seller to go tog...

bought two sets from this seller to go together with brass and copper items from another, works perfectly well, smooth, precise craftsmanship, receive promptly

Sourcez Heller
Beautifully made. Great addition to your m...

Beautifully made. Great addition to your math or 'interesting stuff' collection. Thanks.